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Motordrive Enterprises is a small family business in Cape Town, South Africa. We repair all sorts of problems which may occur with your Motor vehicle, LDV or Heavy Duty Vehicle.

Rowland will modify your cylinder head, re-map your Computer Box, service your vehicle, Dyno tune it or even get it race ready from a dinky toy to an 18 wheeler.

On the creations side Louise will make any artifacts / ornaments that you require e.g. Stuffed Toys & Ceramic ornaments.

You will find us on the corner of Boompies and Binder Streets in Parow, Cape Town, South Africa or contact us on the following numbers:
Ph.   +27 21 9392017
Fax. +27 21 9396454



We design, sand cast and machine our manifolds  and accessories in Cape Town, South Africa. We also sell manifolds of other designers in South Africa
The list of manifolds is .........


We are Located on the
Corner of Boompies and Binder Street Parow.

Tel: +27 21 9392017
Email: Rowland

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